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Jerry Smith dies June 10, 2010

PASO POR PASO and CANADA MAYA SCHOLARSHIPS suffer major loss of co-founder Jerry Smith

by R. Pretty

Apparently Jerry Smith died in his sleep the night of June 10. Oliva Lopez is one of the scholars Jerry recruited for a Canada Maya Scholarship; she saw him Thursday night. He looked tired and ill. When she went to check on him on Friday, he was gone.

The owner of Santander Rooms just off Calle Santander in Panajachel found Jerry Friday morning, informed the police, who then informed the American Embassy who then collected Jerry and the contents of his room.

Only a week ago Jerry offered to come to Canada on a fund raising tour for the scholarships. I am sorry he could make it.



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Canada Maya Scholarship Awarded to Medical Student

Leonardo David Elias Rios is only 17 and has already established an exceptional academic record. Currently he is completing a bachelor degree in Health Sciences at Universidad de Rafael Landivar in Quetzaltenango.

In January 2010 Leonardo will enroll in the medical school at Universidad de San Carlos Quezaltenango to begin six years of study to become a doctor. He will receive a Paso Por Paso “Canada Maya Scholarship” to fund his first year.

Leonardo lives in Quetzaltenango with his mother. He has no siblings. His ambition since childhood has been to become a medical doctor. Leonardo has been the recipient of numerous medals and citations for academic achievement during his schooling.

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