To apply for a scholarship


Maya Guatemalans need trained and qualified leaders in many fields, – communications, teaching, health care, professions and trades. Many young people of proven ability reach their final year or so of education, but are unable for lack of even modest financial support to complete degrees and professional certification.

Paso Por Paso announces a plan to assist Maya students complete their final year or two of college or university.
Grants will be offered to applicants on case-by-case based on the following considerations:
• Financial need

• Acceptable academic record

• Evidence of leadership potential

• Sustained academic effort

• Commitment to home community

• Community Service in furthering this Fund’s goals

Further, applicants will:
• Provide a one-page written request for assistance

• Complete a written application form; attend a detailed personal interview and family visitation with a member of the Selection Committee

• Provide copies of recent school records or suitable evidence of past academic effort

• Supply a Curriculum Vita including contact information; a list of schooling/ training to date; brief notes about family, financial situation, community involvement, interests and personal goals

• Successful candidates will submit a monthly record to the Fund Monitor, perform assessments as required, and attend periodic information sessions.

The Fund’s program will commence in September 2009

Inquires may be submitted to Patricia Gutierrez:

Or email:


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